New book now available 14 November 2014

Mad skillz cover

Mad Skillz for the Demon Operators

This collection of poems ranges from satirical attacks on the political and social institutions of a globalised island of amnesiacs bouncing around the South Pacific, to reflections on journeys and returning, the ghosts of the past and the ghosts of a digital future. Available now.

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Land of the long white encrypted cloud

Flat lining on the level playing field, buzzed on dairy futures
the rock star economy is lying comatose backstage,
tattooed with sponsored e-ink barcodes.
The majestic thunder of white plastic soles echo

along cruise liner gangways,
as a herd of fully insured bucket listers
tour the polypropylene gyres of the Pacific
and climb the side of the fish of Maui.

The last orange roughy is blast frozen and nanofilleted
and punched out through the gravity well
to an orbiting space restaurant called Revolutionary Wealth.
Unfriended by the Government, we ask Siri for directions

to the promised land of smart green solutions
and win win synergies for sustainable entrepreneurs.
Our passion is for benny bashing and step changes,
for wielding killer apps in a dog eat dog ecosystem,

for a smoking gun hidden behind black mirror shades,
for humming along to the ready to roll countdown
of the Official Cash Rate.

Five Eyes swivel on stalks from the cabbage trees of our Panopticon,
while invisible hunger gnaws the dormitory suburbs
of a Protein Republic.
The Central Committee streams a live connection

direct from the rumpus room of the dot com mega mansion,
going out in a razzle dazzle of fruit loop tweet bombs
denouncing Islamophobia in Eketahuna
before uploading to a secure folder

in the land of the long white encrypted cloud.
Imploding press secretaries wrestle the camcorder
from the sweaty palms of paid for citizen bloggers,
commenting on their own comments,

go to guys for an algorithm of despair.
Mad skillz for the demon operators,
a nation of ten trillion selfies,
fretful sleepers on a doom train to our collective memory,

a half forgotten melody drowning in a field of binary noise,
dragged under by a swarm of hashtags
to the dark waters of an unknown future.

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