Politics: The plantation owner came down from the big house and told them how it was gunna be

Leader of the New Zealand National Party Don Brash appeared on the Holmes Show to answer the hard questions tonight. Don Brash is leading a campaign to declare that there should be one law for all New Zealanders, as the indigenous Maori minority are getting special treatment.

Holmes claim to fame is that he called the head of the United Nations a “cheeky darkie” on his national radio show.

Don Brash was recently earning a few hundred K per annum as the head of the Reserve Bank, and grew up in a generation where unemployment was unknown, tertiary education was state funded and Maori were happy people who lived in the country near Rotorua where they played guitars and worked on the roads.

A true meeting of minds, you could say.

I had the good fortune to have an argument with Don when he spoke at my journalism class in 2002. You could describe him simply; a outwardly dull and reasonable personality fronting an agenda to restore complete control over society to a class of corporate managers, for the benefit of those corporate managers.

He is mining two cores of the public mind in New Zealand. One is a sizeable minority of white/Pakeha who are racist. Two is a greater number who feel threatened and overwhelmed by the pace of change in society, and who have come to the conclusion that Maori are getting “special treatment” – unlike the children of the elite, whose private schooling and overseas holidays are a natural result of the infinite justice of the system.

The result is around half the population are – according to those modern soothsayers “the polls” – going to vote for a man who will lead a Government that will smash unions, use the unemployed to do forced labour for a pittance, increase the financial burden on young working class kids who aspire to University, and further integrate our country into a global economic system which threatens the destroy the planet.

Good, eh?

To misquote Anatole France, the law in its majestic equality forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges.

So when you see Don walking past you at the airport enroute to the Koru Club lounge, make sure you ask him how things are going up there. In our 21st century pavlova paradise, it seems that while all pigs are equal, some pigs are more equal than others.

Which leaves us to consider, at a later stage, how the “Labour” Government made a balls up of the whole thing.





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