Media Lens analyses the Reagan funeral and associated media hysteria

I’ve taken this article below from the latest Media Lens website. It echoes some of my thoughts on the matter in an articulate and reasoned way. Death does not make someone ‘a good guy’ when their actions led directly and indirectly to loss of life, oppression, misery and bigotry – as did Mr Reagan and his quest to lead the United States into the pirate plutocracy (rule by the rich elite) that it is today.


Media Modes – 1 and 2

Mainstream media performance alternates between two distinct modes of reporting: the first, “fig leaf‚” mode presents a view of the world that is overwhelmingly biased in favour of the powerful interests that control, own and support the media, and of which it is a part. Within this bias, room is made for powerful nods and gestures in the direction of honesty and balance.

The second, “full propaganda”, mode involves straight forward, no holds barred bias. This is seen in time of war, on royal occasions, on the anniversary of great military victories, and at times when leaders pass away.

On these occasions, balance and impartiality are deemed unnecessary, disrespectful, unpatriotic, irresponsible, even treacherous. Because this mode 2 propaganda is regularly disseminated without criticism it creates a benchmark against which all other media performance is judged. Thus, by comparison, mode 1 reporting – involving instances of genuine dissent – seems impressively open and honest, convincing many people that we live in a free and open society. Mode 2 reporting, then, sets an essentially totalitarian standard against which public and journalists alike judge media performance.

The most powerful weapons in support of mode 2 performance are patriotism and shame. Questioning the morality and legality of ongoing wars, mentioning the crimes of dead presidents, questioning the absurdity of royal events, is attacked as a wretched betrayal of all that is “noble and good” about “our country”, or our allies‚ countries. This, arguably, is why patriotism is so important – it is a foundation stone of thought control.

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