The Man from Snowy River, and Quokkas

After returning to Perth, we’re tired and spend the day recovering from The Big Drive. Heading down to “Freo” we get an overpriced ticket for the ferry to Rottnest Island. It’s a great short trip and we get to see our first “Quokkas”. They actually do look like large, friendly rats . . .

Then we finally have to get back on the train for a two-night, three-day trip to Melbourne, via the Indian Pacific to Adelaide then the Overlander on to Melbourne. The journey once again has a hypnotic quality as we roll across the blank plains of the Nullabor.

This time we have some more interesting characters on the train, including an individual I name “The Man from Snowy River.” He waits on the platform with a neatly parcelled Akubra hat in its box, dressed in a tweed jacket and cap. He then spends the entire journey having three showers a day. Travelling Red Kangaroo, one gets to travel with the interesting Australians.





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