Fear and loathing on the campaign trail

That was the name of the late Hunter S. Thompson’s book on the Nixon/McGovern fight for the US Presidency back in the early seventies. Of course the wrong candidate won then, as is so often the case.
But Thompson’s title has suddenly come to have a new meaning for me.
This blog may have a change of focus for the next few months.
I’ve put my name forward to run for the Alliance in this years general election.
That’s the left-wing party in New Zealand politics.
On Thursday night we have a selection meeting for the two Dunedin electorates. So far we have had a candidate put their name forward for both Dunedin seats – myself in Dunedin North and an old friend Chris Ford who is standing in Dunedin South.
It’s going to be an interesting year. I intend to post daily from here on in, for my own sake as a kind of diary, and for anyone else who is interested.

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