Ambient Terror by the Alpha Plan

a doom pulse on the downbeat

a scream loop on the repeat

a third chance then you’re dead meat

your face sweats wax with cold heat

tribal thunder in the echo chamber of your heart

your chest a hollow drum coming apart

today is finished before you even start

stay under cover if you’re even half smart

caught in the jaws of an amygdala hijack

grinding teeth turning the rack

halfway through a horror attack

by a black hat butcher in a gruesome mind hack

fight or flight, jaws clench, neck tight

barter for silence with coins of bone white

staring down from a terrible height

into a chasm that drops off out of sight

clouded in a nano fog of bad code

no relief in sight, just dread that forebodes

driving your monster with its heavy load

down neural highways on a nowhere road

It sure feels ugly, it feels malign

you’re holding a contract that you never signed

it feels like someone else did the crime

but you are one who is doing the time






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