Covfefe – a poem


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 7.00.48 PM

Meta Mnemonics help him recollect his nuclear codes
jammed in somewhere behind his twitching frontal lobes.

His fish eye lens compulsively filming the inside of the zoo
as he dials the Kremlin hotline to ask what should I do?

A pumped up alpha politico steaming with roid rage,
his fingers tap compulsively before his mind’s engaged.

A meme war erupts between the two sides of the brain
in this planet of the apes anomaly that they forgot to train.

With Bannon as his vector infecting the current state of play,
a unreality TV imposter hamming in this sick masquerade.

He flushes another tweet down his all nite data feed
but his fat digits just keep squashing all the wrong keys.





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