A tickle and a whack from the critics?

A mixed review for Ambient Terror by Nicholas Reid this week who feels the book is suited more to a live environment.

“Billot in his collection Ambient Terror practises poetry as provocation, as direct social, political and historical commentary, as satire and as protest . . . if I were at a poetry evening in a pub or city bar, I think I would enjoy listening to Victor Billot reading his poetry.”

“But here’s my problem (and, dare I say it, the problem of most performance poetry). Once you see such poems in cold print on the page, they often fall apart. Their populist rhetoric, their tricks and their political appeals lack nuance or (in many cases) craft.”

We appreciate all views and reviews positive, negative or wavering – make up your own mind by reading some of the poems on this site.






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  1. John Looker Avatar

    Well done for posting this. Let’s go with the spirit of ‘there’s no such thing as a bad review’ – your work has been noticed and given serious consideration. I for one have been enjoying it!

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