A chance encounter

A chance encounter

In 1983 I stood on a platform in Spain,
where trains are late or early.
The dust was full of summer and the plenitude of life.
There were shiny green leaves, and snow white buildings,
and I was ten, nested in a bubble of family
without feeling lost amongst the difference.
With my pencil I churned out technical drawings
of Spanish trains: blue curvaceous TERs,
and TALGOs, silver-sleek with crimson trim.
That afternoon, a wine-soaked English voice
rang from the window of a departing carriage:
God bless all you mad Kiwi bastards!
Standing next to us at this decrepit junction
was the mad Kiwi bastard in question,
a seedy character with a five day beard,
sunburned and heavy jawed, who talked
with the candour of someone far from home,
cast into the company of his own kind.
I recognized his marginal quality.
There was something about a marriage.
My mother said later, he was running away.









3 responses to “A chance encounter”

  1. John Looker Avatar

    That makes a darned good read Victor!

    1. Victor Avatar

      Cheers John!

      1. Yvette Avatar

        Even though I would have been there I was too young to remember this or too busy staring out the window thinking what it would be like to live in a house carved into the hillside with little black holes as windows. Thanks for the memory.

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