The climate has always been changing
Greta Thunberg is mentally ill
Dinosaurs didn’t drive cars
Greta Thunberg is flying back on a plane
The world was ending 50 years ago
Greta Thunberg should be in school studying
It is a plot by the United Nations
Greta Thunberg could be having fun like a normal teenager
They go to McDonalds on the way home
Greta Thunberg’s extremist parents are to blame
Protesting achieves nothing
Greta Thunberg’s yacht sails are made of oil
Teenagers think they know everything
Greta Thunberg is a globalist puppet
No one would go if it was the school holidays
Greta Thunberg is paid by George Soros
It snowed last week
Greta Thunberg is alienating moderates
It is part of God’s plan
Greta Thunberg is a false flag op by the Deep State
Socialism doesn’t work
Greta Thunberg is an over privileged brat
Plants love carbon
Greta Thunberg is an enemy of freedom
So called scientists are on the climate gravy train
Greta Thunberg is needlessly worrying young people
In the long run we’re all dead anyway
and they all have mobile phones

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