Hamish Walker

Showing promise: a poem for Hamish Walker

Originally published on Newsroom

Showing promise

The MP for Clutha-Southland
did, it is true, post on Facebook that
he had been door knocking in Mataura
when he hadn’t. He lied.

The MP for Clutha-Southland
did, it is true, put out a statement
that appealed to racist sentiment
and undermined our response to COVID-19.

The MP for Clutha-Southland
did, it is true, forward confidential documents
to the media in a bungled plot involving
the ex President of the National Party.

Hamish Walker
did, it is true, get out of his car
on New Years Day 2019
at the Lake Hawea outflow

to talk to a distressed man standing
on a ledge above a fearsome drop;
talked him down then walked with him
to a nearby petrol station,

bought him some food and cigarettes
to calm him, until police arrived,
then accompanied the man to the police station
until medical services and the man’s partner arrived.

The MP for Clutha-Southland is a failure.

Hamish Walker shows promise.







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