The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Hugo Chavez documentary

After a busy few months, it’s been good to do a half-week of work and spend some time getting mind, body and soul together. My friend Peter has been helping to organize screenings of videos and films at the Arc in Dunedin for Indymedia with some success so J. & I headed into town toContinue reading “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Hugo Chavez documentary”

How low expectations mean Government’s can do what they like

It’s a constant surprise (and a disappointing one) how so many New Zealanders have such a low expectation of their collective future. The recent “Labour” Government budget was hailed as some kind of major breakthrough for “struggling Kiwis.” How wrong can you be? After decades of right-wing, dishonest politicians saying one thing and doing another,Continue reading “How low expectations mean Government’s can do what they like”

Eye of Sauron versus Plan of Alpha

Yes, the rumours are true – the Alpha Plan have finally managed to crack the soundtrack game. New short NZ feature Bogans is a movie about three bogans (overseas readers – this is New Zealand vernacular for petrolheads/boy racers/young men with V8s) who decide to head to the Big Smoke (Wellington) to land work asContinue reading “Eye of Sauron versus Plan of Alpha”


Horizontal sleet from south meets my window. Sole outdoors activity today – cutting kindling with a blunt axe. Time for a reading list: China Mieville (Perdido Street Station and the even better sequel/companion volume The Scar) Iain M. Banks (Look to Windward was my scifi book of year 2003 – now I’m rereading Feersum Endjinn)Continue reading “Wintering”

New mp3 . . . plus some thoughts on the future of rock . . .

I’m considering how to release my record. After doing the sums, it’s going to be too hard to do a run of CD’s. I’ve decided to release it online, on my site, as mp3’s. Just do CD’s for those who ask. Maybe do a few Geraldine singles, if the pressing plant is still going. IsContinue reading “New mp3 . . . plus some thoughts on the future of rock . . .”

Channel surfing in Blandrovia

Returning from a journey to the north with the remarkable news: Christchurch is still there. Personal events led to a visit at short notice to the city of the plains, coinciding with the Highlanders versus Crusaders clash – which meant every motel, hedge and hutch were filled by out of towners travelling in for theContinue reading “Channel surfing in Blandrovia”