UK election 2019 : lumps, bumps and pimples

As the dust settles on another wall collapsing in the crumbling house of parliamentary democracy, this time in the (currently) United Kingdom, there are many interpretations of what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. These range from AI Facebook bots to the new nationalism. The realignment of political forces around strange new faultContinue reading “UK election 2019 : lumps, bumps and pimples”

Palm Lagoon Hotel can save Dunedin

It has been cheering to read recent positive feedback about the proposed grand waterfront hotel situated off Dunedin’s premiere fishing wharf, henceforth to be known as the Palm Lagoon Precinct. The trouble with our small city is the overwhelming negativity we have towards ambitious projects proposed by visionary thinkers. After reading yet another glowing reportContinue reading “Palm Lagoon Hotel can save Dunedin”

Advice to mum and dad investors

I was impressed and excited to read a local finance broker’s advice to potential “mum and dad” investors in privatized public assets in the Otago Daily Times (Friday 6 July 2012). Mr Chris Timms of Craigs Investment Partners says any complaints about ordinary Kiwis not being able to get in on the sale of theContinue reading “Advice to mum and dad investors”