Between Contracts

The weeks constrict, pythons around my ribs, under which the turbid valves of the heart pump on with blind certainty. Dreams of flapping wings outside windows. A nest of telephone calls, letters, deposits, routines in which I can submerge peacefully and integrate with process, a limbed machine conferring golden fries, cigarettes, tins of ointment. MoneyContinue reading “Between Contracts”


There was a commotion outside the window. A million people arrived overnight and moved swiftly to assemble petrol stations, delicatessens and strip joints. Signs point everywhere you cannot go. I think of the past to hold myself down. There are more products than you can imagine. Throttled streets lined with plates of black ice. IContinue reading “Economics”


  She was shifting form, encircling and seamless, swirling from moment to moment without apparent sense, with sudden violence and traitorous appetites, with knowing persistence, with perpetual conviction. He was locked within a severe carapace, contained by ancient heat, never acknowledging her lightness, nor her storms that could last for nights and nights, an urgentContinue reading “Congress”

The Prince of Darkness attends a Work and Income interview

Welcome, Mr Lucifer. Come up. Mind the carpet, if you could. I’m sorry the security guard had to ask you to step outside: but no smoking is allowed on premises and brimstone is prescribed under Health and Safety legislation. I see you have not been able to supply either a clean resume, or evidence ofContinue reading “The Prince of Darkness attends a Work and Income interview”