Port Chalmers

Port, Dogtown, Koputai, names good and ill, you look outward to oceans, waiting for the world. Cruise liners and log boats snuggle your wharves. A thousand trunks of Pinus Radiata are matchsticks piled before your crow’s nest lookout, the channel a blue stripe down ruffled green fur. Ships glide through the throat of the harbour,Continue reading “Port Chalmers”

Ancestral Chant of the Sea People

Many steps brought us here. We wandered, we strode, we contained purpose within ourselves. We halted, stopped at fen and bog, fumid clouds hazing crooked walls and coarse sea language spoken. Northern islands clamped in thighs of fog that grasped and held our septs beneath umber cast of hills, soft ancient fields, hard-tempered crust andContinue reading “Ancestral Chant of the Sea People”

Covfefe – a poem

  Meta Mnemonics help him recollect his nuclear codes jammed in somewhere behind his twitching frontal lobes. His fish eye lens compulsively filming the inside of the zoo as he dials the Kremlin hotline to ask what should I do? A pumped up alpha politico steaming with roid rage, his fingers tap compulsively before his mind’s engaged. AContinue reading “Covfefe – a poem”


Massive week at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2017. Launched Ambient Terror at Chain Reaction, a multiple book launch with fellow Dunedin Writers Peter Olds, John Gibb, Paddy Richardson and Huberta Hellendoorn, at the Athenaeum on Wednesday night, followed on directly by MCing the launch of Manifesto: 101 Political Poems at the Leviathan. FridayContinue reading “DWRF17”

Chain Reaction: Book launch

A group book launch to celebrate a goodly crop of new publications: Peter Olds’ poetry collection Taking My Jacket for a Walk (Cold Hub Press); Paddy Richardson’s novel Through the Lonesome Dark (Upstart Press); Victor Billot’s third volume of poetry Ambient Terror (Limetone Singularity); Huberta Hellendoorn’s memoir Astride a Fierce Wind (Makaro Press); and John Gibb’s poetryContinue reading “Chain Reaction: Book launch”