Some poems from the Ockham NZ poetry finalists: Sue Wootton’s ‘Wild’

Originally posted on NZ Poetry Shelf:
? Wild   Measure my wild. Down to my last leaf, my furled, my desiccated. This deciduousness, this bloom. Calculate my xylem levels. My spore count, fungal, scarlet in a bluebell glade. Whoosh, where the foliage closes on a great cat. Test me: how many tigers in my jungle,…

A launch: Compound Press presents Minarets Issue 8

Originally posted on NZ Poetry Shelf:
? Compound Press presents Minarets Issue 8  Autumn 2018 Edited by Erena Shingade Illustrations by Harry Moritz Launch at 7pm, Saturday 28 April at the Compound Press headquarters, 5c 55-57 High Street. ? Minarets Issue 8 presents the freshest new writing from a mix of emerging and established New Zealand…

Dunedin hosting four days of creative collisions / combinations / confabulations

I’m looking forward to the Creative Cities Southern Hui on from 28 November – 2 December. Every day features some fantastic events and even better it’s free to attend (registration required.) Also I get to introduce the featured guests for Creative Connections on Thursday 30 November.

Save the Dunedin Metro Postshop and Kiwibank

The following opinion piece appeared in the Otago Daily Times on 17 May 2011 as part of a campaign to prevent the closure of the Dunedin Central post office. The closure by NZ Post management proceeded, despite the collection of thousands of petition signatures, protest actions at local post offices including a rally and aContinue reading “Save the Dunedin Metro Postshop and Kiwibank”

Technology and socialism, continued

Following up on Kevin Kelly’s Wired piece on digital socialism, Creative Commons guru Lawrence Lessig worries that use of the “S” word will give the open source nerds a bad rap from the foaming, freakily hard right of American politics. Fortunately American history has many examples of socialists who I feel proud to share myContinue reading “Technology and socialism, continued”

That’s very generous of you . . . sir

A small mention here at Tumeke for my comments today about our Prime Minister who craves to see the warm and friendly hand of charity extended to the dispossessed. John Key is a confused man. He wants a British “honours” system, an American “generosity” system and presumably a Burmese employment system to pay for itContinue reading “That’s very generous of you . . . sir”