The Contagion

Despite Google and experts, it’s fair to say it caught us off guard – by surprise. There was not a lot of joined up thinking, and early on in the piece, some wondered how such an antique doom could still stalk the land with scythe and skull. Towns slammed their gates, the plague already inside …

Great South Desert

My poem 'Great South Desert' was recently featured in the New Zealand Poetry Society 2019 anthology The Perfect Weight of Blankets at Night. It features many iconic landmarks of the future. Te Ika a Maui and Te Wai Pounamu are amalgamated, welded by the gnarled spine of a metamorphic taniwha who manifested in the Great …

How good is this?

After I got back from Hawaii, there were fireworks for New Year, then the cricket, not that I’m complaining, it’s always a busy time of year – a family time. I was having a look at the business pages one evening when the wife said look outside at that will ya? To be honest I …

UK election 2019 : lumps, bumps and pimples

As the dust settles on another wall collapsing in the crumbling house of parliamentary democracy, this time in the (currently) United Kingdom, there are many interpretations of what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. These range from AI Facebook bots to the new nationalism. The realignment of political forces around strange new fault …

Phoning it in

I thought hard about publishing this. There's been enough of a media circus around the publishing of a deeply offensive cartoon already. But this situation is too close to home. I've written for this newspaper and know that the journalists and other staff are deeply upset. The cartoon published by the Otago Daily Times was …


Iona Winter

Victor Billot lives in Ōtepoti Dunedin and grew up in Warrington, where he says ‘the natural environment was omnipresent.’ 🌳


With three self-published poetry collections, his work has appeared in anthologies and journals in Aotearoa and Australia. He currently has a manuscript ‘under consideration’ by a publisher, and is reading ‘A Planet For Sale’ by Yos.

Victor works at Otago University Press, has two sons aged 10 and 7 who are giving him lessons in online battle games, and performs with his band Alpha Plan.

He comments: ‘It is a really interesting time to be around for poetry (and short/flash/micro fiction) as there is so much going on. I think Dunedin is a very supportive and open community for writers of all kinds.’

For more on Victor please follow this link:

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Antarctic Poetry Exhibition

Join us for the launch of this special exhibition featuring work by twelve international poets, photographs, and photography of the poems taken in Antarctica by Blake Antarctic Ambassador Harry Seagar. Tuesday 8th October, 6pm (light refreshments served at 5.30pm) Ground Floor Exhibition Space, Dunedin City Library

30 arguments against the climate strike

The climate has always been changing Greta Thunberg is mentally ill Dinosaurs didn't drive cars Greta Thunberg is flying back on a plane The world was ending 50 years ago Greta Thunberg should be in school studying It is a plot by the United Nations Greta Thunberg could be having fun like a normal teenager …

Great South Desert commended

The New Zealand Poetry Society are pleased to announce the results of the 2019 International Poetry Competition. With over 1,400 entries, the four judges were delighted at the amount of talented writing that was entered from around the world. OPEN SECTION Judge: Kiri Piahana-Wong1st Place: 'Alumni Magazine' by Margaret Moores from Cockle Bay, Auckland. 2nd…— …

Poetry at The Savoy

Five poets take to the mic at The Savoy to read some of their latest work: Tayi Tibble (Poūkahangatus), David Eggleton (Edgeland and other poems), Liz Breslin (Alzheimer’s and a Spoon), Michael Harlow (The Moon in a Bowl of Water) and Majella Cullinane (Whisper of a Crow’s Wing). MC Victor Billot promises to keep them all in line. 9–10pm, Thursday 9 May 2019 at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival.

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