The Sets, collection, Otago University Press (4 February 2021)

‘Outlining Facts (a poem for Gerry Brownlee)’, Newsroom Reading Room (16 August 2020)

‘Let’s keep moving (a poem for Kiwibuild)’, Newsroom Reading Room (7 August 2020)

‘The Shawrax (a poem for James Shaw)’, Newsroom Reading Room (2 August 2020)

‘A New Zealand First Werewolf in Wellington (a poem for Winston Peters)’, Newsroom Reading Room (26 July 2020)

‘Toad’s Fall; and the Rise of Crusher (a poem for the National Party)’, Newsroom Reading Room (19 July 2020)

‘Showing Promise (a poem for Hamish Walker MP)’, Newsroom Reading Room (12 July 2020)

‘Working Class Hero (a poem for Paula Bennett MP)’, Newsroom Reading Room (5 July 2020)

‘Ride the Dave Wave (a poem for David Clark)’, Newsroom Reading Room (28 June 2020)

‘Green Eggs and Porridge (a poem for Prince Andrew)’, Newsroom Reading Room (14 June 2020)

‘Go Big or Go Home (a poem for Donald Trump)’, Newsroom Reading Room (3 June 2020)

‘The Rise of Toad (a poem for Todd Muller)’, Newsroom Reading Room (24 May 2020)

‘Automated for the People’, Dunedin City of Literature Possibilities Project (1 May 2020)
(includes audio)

‘The Contagion’, Octagon Collective virtual poetry night (video) (22 April 2020)

‘A Sea Wife’ and ‘Rage Virus’, Takahē 98 (April 2020)

‘Bat Flu’ in Down in Edin magazine (April 2020)

‘Phoning it in (a poem for Garrick Tremain)’, Newsroom Reading Room (5 December 2019)

‘Snow’, finalist in 2019 Changing Minds poetry competition, published in NB Dunedin Public Libraries magazine.

‘Nix Terra’, finalist in 2019 Antarctica Poetry Competition (international). The poems are part of a travelling exhibition that has visited Dunedin, Dundee (Scotland) and Antarctica itself.

‘Great South Desert’, finalist New Zealand Poetry Society International Poetry Competition 2019, published in the Perfect Weight of Blankets at Night (NZPS, 2019)

‘So as not to wake’, Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2019.

‘Meridian’, Given Words poetry competition (September 2019)

‘Monsoon Season’ selected as Dunedin’s contribution to the City of Literature text exhibition Read the World at the Reykjavík City Hall (2019)

‘Facebook sends a memory’ (poem), Landfall 236 (Spring 2018)

Three poems ‘Location, location’, ‘Dead Beast’, and ‘Queen Street Wendy’s’ in Meniscus Vol.6 Iss. 1 (Australia/NZ, April 2018). ‘Location, location’ winner of Copyright Agency Limited prize for best poem in issue.

‘Life in the Permian’ (poem) in Cordite 86 (2018, Australia)

‘Alternative titles for an imaginary airport bookstore’ (poem), Takahē 92 (April 2018)

‘The Hierarchy’ (poem) in the (4 May 2018)

‘The Hierarchy’ (poem) in Minarets (Issue 8, 2018, edited by Erena Shingade)

‘The Hierarchy’ (poem) in The Friday Poem (Luncheon Sausage Press, 2018)

Two poems ‘Quantum decoherence at a Bailter Space gig’ and ‘Monsoon Season’ in Down in Edin (July 2017)

‘The National Conversation’ (poem) in Pantograph Punch (26 June 2017)

‘Dark Water’ (poem) in Manifesto (Otago University Press, 2017) 

Ambient Terror (poetry collection 2017, Limetone Singularity Media) 

Alpha Plan Machine Language EP, 2016 (lyrics)

‘Countries of the mind’ (short fiction), shortlisted, 2016 NZ Heritage Short Prose Prize, NZSA (Canterbury) 

‘Ocean of Tentacles’ (poem) in Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader (Volume 12, Summer 2016, edited by David Eggleton)

‘Beast of the Hour’ (poem) in Mimicry (Issue 2, 2016)

Two visual poems ‘New Seasons of the Blue Fields’ and ‘Zero Hour’ in Brief (Issue 55, 2016)

‘Dark Water’ (poem) in Otago Daily Times (selected by Sue Wootton, 2015) 

Machine Language (poetry collection 2015, Limetone Singularity Media) 

Mad Skillz for the Demon Operators (poetry collection 2014, Limetone Singularity Media)

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