Paths are made by walking

New Zealand’s leading public intellectual of the Left, Chris Trotter, seems to have been genuinely unsettled by the defeat of Labour in 2008. Toys have been thrown, and targets targeted. In an initial attack of post-election spleen Chris railed against those voters who brought in National as ” . . . the men who justContinue reading “Paths are made by walking”

Jack Yan on the downsides and upsides of globalization

My friend Jack Yan just posted a thought provoking article about globalization and the relationship between economy, business and society on his blog. Jack is speaking at an open to the public session later this year at the Alliance Party conference in Dunedin on these very topics – and based on his above article, itContinue reading “Jack Yan on the downsides and upsides of globalization”

Street Scene Dunedin

I attended an interesting protest action today on behalf of the Alliance Party with a couple of other local activists. A local disability group called Gutted is asking for better treatment for those with disabilities and their caregivers. It was a small but very spirited demo and made the TV3 news. Earlier on I hadContinue reading “Street Scene Dunedin”

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail

That was the name of the late Hunter S. Thompson’s book on the Nixon/McGovern fight for the US Presidency back in the early seventies. Of course the wrong candidate won then, as is so often the case.But Thompson’s title has suddenly come to have a new meaning for me.This blog may have a change ofContinue reading “Fear and loathing on the campaign trail”