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  • Never mind the butter, here’s the ex-Pistols

    I am an agriculturalist, I am an anarchist . . . dairy me.

  • Byte sized leftists

    Kevin Kelly comes up with his take on techno-socialism. Thought provoking stuff, although some of us still believe in workers of the world uniting regardless of whether we have a Twitter account.

  • Ghost in the machine

    Parts from the past, valve city, what happens when the cutting edge becomes memory lane? There is something definitely eerie about this electronics warehouse for discontinued lines of vintage components, redundant surveillance machines and obsolete technology. It reminds me in an oblique way of a vendor I visited in London’s Brick Lane markets in the…

  • There’s no business like show business

    From the Guardian: “Chinese producers are attempting to transform Das Kapital from a hefty treatise on political economy into a popular stage show, complete with catchy tunes and nifty footwork. Whether Karl Marx would approve of his masterwork being served up as entertainment for China’s new bourgeoisie is a matter of speculation. But the director…

  • Presenting the Bad Clowns?

    As a general principle the idea of Mick Harvey leaving the Bad Seeds would be a negative, but when his replacement is Ed Kuepper the situation becomes more complex, especially when the Laughing Clowns are back in town.

  • Digital metaphors

    Has anyone noticed that spam is sounding more like strange alien prose poetry these days? Here’s a cut up from some of the rubbish filtered out of my inbox. Gorgon touched reasonable distance, these his monster seemed far formidable talons serious side effects generic zoloft royal way have died lost his vision soul began tapping…

  • How sci-fi moves with the times

    How sci-fi moves with the times – BBC interviews some very good writers