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  • Eastern Line to Manukau

    Thanks to Jade at Books on the Bus NZ. Great idea for #NZpoetryday On the Eastern Line Service to Manukau, you'll find Machine Language, a collection of Poetry by Victor Billot for #NZPoetryDay pic.twitter.com/gtA0gxDJ6D — Books on the Bus (@booksonthebusnz) August 25, 2017

  • Between Contracts

    The weeks constrict, pythons around my ribs, under which the turbid valves of the heart pump on with blind certainty. Dreams of flapping wings outside windows. A nest of telephone calls, letters, deposits, routines in which I can submerge peacefully and integrate with process, a limbed machine conferring golden fries, cigarettes, tins of ointment. Money…

  • Economics

    There was a commotion outside the window. A million people arrived overnight and moved swiftly to assemble petrol stations, delicatessens and strip joints. Signs point everywhere you cannot go. I think of the past to hold myself down. There are more products than you can imagine. Throttled streets lined with plates of black ice. I…