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  • Blog Watch

    Some blogs on the loose: Left wing science fiction author Ken MacLeod has a heavy duty but interesting blog. I’ve only read one of his books – the Stone Canal – but I’ll be reading more if and when I get the chance. I was a big fan of 1980s hardcore/pop group Husker Du (still…

  • Under the engine hood

    Apparently the comments setting is now working. I like this new Blogger system. And I’m still burning those CDs . . . finished by midnight.

  • Movin house

    Now got the beast onto my website.

  • Website update

    You can now click thru to my website in the links panel (as well as Indymedia NZ)

  • New website

    My new website is up . . . and you can download a free mp3 from my forthcoming record “Plutocracy.” http://www.victorbillot.com

  • First steps . . .

    A sunny day here in Dunedin, New Zealand. A car at the garage. An hour or two to kill. And the birth of a new blog.