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  • Automated for the People

    Automated for the People

    Published as part of the Dunedin City of Literature Possibilities Project For a start we are all awarded a year off, paid to do whatever we want. Aeroplanes are out, so we board sailing ships and crazy coloured zeppelins. We live for a long time (if we want.) It’s true that most of us are…

  • Reykjavik!

    Very happy to be included in this Reykjavík City of Literature project. A real buzz.

  • DWRF17

    Massive week at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2017. Launched Ambient Terror at Chain Reaction, a multiple book launch with fellow Dunedin Writers Peter Olds, John Gibb, Paddy Richardson and Huberta Hellendoorn, at the Athenaeum on Wednesday night, followed on directly by MCing the launch of Manifesto: 101 Political Poems at the Leviathan. Friday…