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  • Launch of The Sets, Dunedin, 4 February 2021

    Launch of The Sets, Dunedin, 4 February 2021

    The Sets was launched in Dunedin on Thursday 4 February at the temporary home of the University Book Shop in the H D Skinner Annex.Thank you to the UBS, Otago University Press and all who attended. Good times! All photos by Laura Hewson.Support your local independent bookseller or available from Otago University Press.

  • Automated for the People

    Automated for the People

    Published as part of the Dunedin City of Literature Possibilities Project For a start we are all awarded a year off, paid to do whatever we want. Aeroplanes are out, so we board sailing ships and crazy coloured zeppelins. We live for a long time (if we want.) It’s true that most of us are…

  • Two poems in Down in Edin

    Thanks to Caroline Davies and her fantastic online magazine Down in Edin that features a vast range of local arts and creativity for publishing these two poems (and Caroline’s spooky photograph that accompanies them.)

  • Port Chalmers

    Port, Dogtown, Koputai, names good and ill, you look outward to oceans, waiting for the world. Cruise liners and log boats snuggle your wharves. A thousand trunks of Pinus Radiata are matchsticks piled before your crow’s nest lookout, the channel a blue stripe down ruffled green fur. Ships glide through the throat of the harbour,…

  • Ambient Terror available now

    Released 10 May 2017 at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival, Ambient Terror is the third volume of poetry from Dunedin writer Victor Billot.

  • DWRF17

    Massive week at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2017. Launched Ambient Terror at Chain Reaction, a multiple book launch with fellow Dunedin Writers Peter Olds, John Gibb, Paddy Richardson and Huberta Hellendoorn, at the Athenaeum on Wednesday night, followed on directly by MCing the launch of Manifesto: 101 Political Poems at the Leviathan. Friday…

  • Pirate Sessions #2: The End of the World

    Friday 11 May 8.30–9.30pm at the Leviathan Hotel, Dunedin – entry by koha Writers get together with host Victor Billot and share a mix of theories, essays and stories about life at the End of the World, over a beer. A recent New Yorker article titled ‘Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich’ revealed that wealthy Silicon Valley doomsdayers…

  • Chain Reaction: Book launch

    A group book launch to celebrate a goodly crop of new publications: Peter Olds’ poetry collection Taking My Jacket for a Walk (Cold Hub Press); Paddy Richardson’s novel Through the Lonesome Dark (Upstart Press); Victor Billot’s third volume of poetry Ambient Terror (Limetone Singularity); Huberta Hellendoorn’s memoir Astride a Fierce Wind (Makaro Press); and John Gibb’s poetry…

  • Age of Dog – the past is a different country

    Age of Dog – the past is a different country

    A biographical article and video link on this New Zealand music group

  • Palm Lagoon Hotel can save Dunedin

    Palm Lagoon Hotel can save Dunedin

    It has been cheering to read recent positive feedback about the proposed grand waterfront hotel situated off Dunedin’s premiere fishing wharf, henceforth to be known as the Palm Lagoon Precinct. The trouble with our small city is the overwhelming negativity we have towards ambitious projects proposed by visionary thinkers. After reading yet another glowing report…

  • Das Phaedrus “Ditch”

    Sammys, 1991

  • Save the Dunedin Metro Postshop and Kiwibank

    The following opinion piece appeared in the Otago Daily Times on 17 May 2011 as part of a campaign to prevent the closure of the Dunedin Central post office. The closure by NZ Post management proceeded, despite the collection of thousands of petition signatures, protest actions at local post offices including a rally and a…

  • Left of liberal

    Must be that time of the year again. Speaking at Drinking Liberally Dunedin this Thursday 1 July.

  • Broke, Anxious or Seriously flush

    The following article appeared in the Otago Daily Times, on Wednesday 3 February 2010, in response to an article by Dr Mathew Zacharias entitled Patients’ rights trampled in drive for equality and ongoing talk about user pays models at the Dunedin Public Hospital.

  • North East Valley, 24 April 2006