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  • Ambient Terror  – a forthcoming review from Takahē

    Takahē magazine and Shelley Chappell have kindly given permission for this review by Shelley to appear in advance of publication in the forthcoming issue 92 of Takahē. Victor Billot is a Dunedin writer of poetry and short stories, also known for his work as a parliamentary candidate. A publicist for Otago University Press, he also…

  • A tickle and a whack from the critics?

    A mixed review for Ambient Terror by Nicholas Reid this week who feels the book is suited more to a live environment. “Billot in his collection Ambient Terror practises poetry as provocation, as direct social, political and historical commentary, as satire and as protest . . . if I were at a poetry evening in…

  • The Bricks That Built The Houses

    A book review

  • Machine Language, reviewed

    Machine Language, reviewed

    A book review

  • Book review: Other People’s Wars

    Book review: Other People’s Wars by Nicky Hager (Craig Potton Publishing) What are New Zealand soldiers doing in the Middle East? The accepted wisdom is that “we” are there for humanitarian purposes, assisting the rebuilding of a broken society, as part of a wider battle against terrorism and for democracy. Not so.