Technology and socialism, continued

Following up on Kevin Kelly’s Wired piece on digital socialism, Creative Commons guru Lawrence Lessig worries that use of the “S” word will give the open source nerds a bad rap from the foaming, freakily hard right of American politics. Fortunately American history has many examples of socialists who I feel proud to share myContinue reading “Technology and socialism, continued”

That’s very generous of you . . . sir

A small mention here at Tumeke for my comments today about our Prime Minister who craves to see the warm and friendly hand of charity extended to the dispossessed. John Key is a confused man. He wants a British “honours” system, an American “generosity” system and presumably a Burmese employment system to pay for itContinue reading “That’s very generous of you . . . sir”

David Kilgour at Arc, 13/9/07

I ventured out last night to the Arc, which is under “new” management (again.) It’s a good space but has struggled. I’m out of the loop with music at the moment as I have been engaged in different things in the last few years. David Kilgour was playing a solo set along with the duoContinue reading “David Kilgour at Arc, 13/9/07”