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  • Book club

    What I have been reading in 2009 >>>

  • Science and Capitalism

    Terence Kealey falls out of love with market myths at New Scientist and is descended upon by hordes of screaming libertarians (AKA self justifying plutocrats)

  • Drinking liberally

    An appearance this Tuesday 23 April 7pm at Velvet Underground, Dunedin for the Drinking Liberally series. Facebook version here.

  • Technology and socialism, continued

    Following up on Kevin Kelly’s Wired piece on digital socialism, Creative Commons guru Lawrence Lessig worries that use of the “S” word will give the open source nerds a bad rap from the foaming, freakily hard right of American politics. Fortunately American history has many examples of socialists who I feel proud to share my…

  • That’s very generous of you . . . sir

    A small mention here at Tumeke for my comments today about our Prime Minister who craves to see the warm and friendly hand of charity extended to the dispossessed. John Key is a confused man. He wants a British “honours” system, an American “generosity” system and presumably a Burmese employment system to pay for it…

  • (Barbed) Wire

    Just listened to one of the tracks from the new Wire album “One of us” – available as a free download. Still brilliant. Contributing to my theory that post punk music groups can (not always) survive middle age better than pre punk music groups.

  • Alpha Plan video from the archives . . .

  • Stop the Stadium March, Dunedin

  • Campaign trail “08”

    I have been selected to stand for the Alliance Party in the 2008 general election for the Dunedin North electorate. More information as it comes to hand.  I haven’t decided yet to blog on my campaign on my old election blog or just keep it all here. I’m pleased to represent the democratic socialist viewpoint.

  • Red Sun in the West

  • David Kilgour at Arc, 13/9/07

    I ventured out last night to the Arc, which is under “new” management (again.) It’s a good space but has struggled. I’m out of the loop with music at the moment as I have been engaged in different things in the last few years. David Kilgour was playing a solo set along with the duo…

  • Red Moon, Lunar Eclipse

  • Sicko

    Went and saw Michael Moore’s new film Sicko last night. Well worth it – it’s his best yet. A searing indictment on corrupt plutocracy running the modern day USA, as well as an important compare and contrast between the free market system and more social systems in other nations. My concern is that New Zealand…

  • A couple of observations on the state of the world

    On the theme of things “eco”, George Monbiot sums up recent thoughts rather nicely here. He also manages to pin down the blindingly obvious with this post on Unions and the Labour Party in the UK. Some parallels to be drawn with our free trade pushin’  Government?

  • Bailterspace?

    The high ranking BailterSpace have some new mp3s on their MySpace page after many years of silence. My pick is Place of R. Some people like music to drive to. This is music to drive space freighters to.