Poetry at The Savoy

Five poets take to the mic at The Savoy to read some of their latest work: Tayi Tibble (Poūkahangatus), David Eggleton (Edgeland and other poems), Liz Breslin (Alzheimer’s and a Spoon), Michael Harlow (The Moon in a Bowl of Water) and Majella Cullinane (Whisper of a Crow’s Wing). MC Victor Billot promises to keep them all in line. 9–10pm, Thursday 9 May 2019 at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival.

So as not to wake

New Zealand Poetry Yearbook 2019

I’m happy to have – for the first time – a poem printed in the New Zealand Poetry Yearbook. The 2019 edition is out now from Massey University Press.

Landfall 236 poem

Facebook sends a memory

A first: finally got something published in Landfall. My poem Facebook sends a memory is in Landfall 236, from November 2018.

The Friday Poem

The Friday Poem

Pleased to have my poem The Hierarchy appear in this stonking anthology, out now from Luncheon Sausage Books.

A chance encounter

I entered the Given Words competition again this year, and although not placed, the organizers are kind enough to publish the entries anyway.