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  1. Oh the memories. I was a first year at Otago and still remember a gig you guys did at the Empire. HDU opened for you and somewhat stole the show – Tristan threw a great tanty over something.

    Age of Dog had some great artwork too, do you have copies of that?


  2. All fading into the blur of time but a few vivid recollections still there. Early period HDU was a sight to behold, before they mellowed out (heh) :>
    There’s a stack of posters and grainy footage in a box which will one day emerge in digital form, but at the rate I get things done these days I would say this timeline may be on the scale of decades.


  3. Gillespie!


    I guessed it would be this before I even clicked Play. How brilliant and how young you guys all look. How the hell did you get this filmed? You lucky bugger.


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