Age of Dog “Gillespie”

1992, Crown Hotel, Dunedin.





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  1. Ben Avatar

    Oh the memories. I was a first year at Otago and still remember a gig you guys did at the Empire. HDU opened for you and somewhat stole the show – Tristan threw a great tanty over something.

    Age of Dog had some great artwork too, do you have copies of that?

  2. admin Avatar

    All fading into the blur of time but a few vivid recollections still there. Early period HDU was a sight to behold, before they mellowed out (heh) :>
    There’s a stack of posters and grainy footage in a box which will one day emerge in digital form, but at the rate I get things done these days I would say this timeline may be on the scale of decades.

  3. Peter A Avatar



    I guessed it would be this before I even clicked Play. How brilliant and how young you guys all look. How the hell did you get this filmed? You lucky bugger.

    1. admin Avatar

      Don’t know about brilliant but certainly young. How the years have flown.

  4. Peter A Avatar

    Oh, don’t remind me…

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