Once in a blue moon

I was very happy to get placed 2nd in the 2017 Dunedin Chinese Garden Moon Festival poetry competition.

I wrote a mutant villanelle on the theme of ‘Once in a Blue Moon.’

They produced some nice posters of the winning entries.

once in a blue moon







3 responses to “Once in a blue moon”

  1. John Looker Avatar

    That’s terrific Victor! The villanelle form works so well here – the circularity and repetition feel like a series of incantations, and there’s magic in the air.


    1. Victor Avatar

      Thank you John! Very kind of you. I have come rather late to experimenting with these traditional forms, and realize they lend themselves well to my interest in rhyme and rhythm.


  2. John Looker Avatar

    They do, I agree, and feeling free to vary them as you do here is a strength too. I’ve just re-read it with pleasure. Nice poster by the way.


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