Location, location: Meniscus

I have had three poems published in the new edition of the Australasian journal Meniscus. One of which Location, location received the Copyright Agency Ltd Best Poem for this issue award. The journal is available free online.








3 responses to “Location, location: Meniscus”

  1. John Looker Avatar

    That’s a terrific poem Victor! It is full of interest on different levels and expressed with masterful simplicity. No wonder it was chosen!


    1. Victor Avatar

      Thank you very much John, very kind of you and it is great to get this feedback from the other side of the planet – at least in our small 21st century world. We are having our first icy blast of autumn here in Dunedin.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. John Looker Avatar

        You’re welcome – it’s a great poem. I had heard about the wintry weather from our Dunedin daughters!


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