The Man from Snowy River, and Quokkas

After returning to Perth, we’re tired and spend the day recovering from The Big Drive. Heading down to “Freo” we get an overpriced ticket for the ferry to Rottnest Island. It’s a great short trip and we get to see our first “Quokkas”. They actually do look like large, friendly rats . . . ThenContinue reading “The Man from Snowy River, and Quokkas”

For the birds, and wave watching in Lancelin

We stay at the Kalabarri Motorcamp, which reminds me of Christmas holidays as a kid. More pelicans and galahs. We are turning into birdwatchers so decide to get serious and head down to Rainbow Jungle, an enormous local privately run aviary. The place is built around a series of enclosures where every parrot under creationContinue reading “For the birds, and wave watching in Lancelin”

Stopping for Emus on the Coast Road

We have decided to head north from Perth to see some real Australia and I go down to Budget to get a rental car. I take the wheel of the V6 Magna and within a minute I have somehow got myself onto the southbound freeway out of town, and have also managed to lose myContinue reading “Stopping for Emus on the Coast Road”

Wake up age 32, on a night train outside Perth

After three nights on the train, we arrive at Perth 9am on 20 July (my birthday). We are feeling a bit crumpled after our journey and head to Governor Robinson’s a small hostel in inner city Northbridge. It’s a great place, very sharp, clean and comfortable, well-priced and run by a friendly guy by theContinue reading “Wake up age 32, on a night train outside Perth”

Indian Pacific: 2 Dimensional Drift

The train pulls up in the middle of the plain. This is in theory a station called Watson. There is nothing but small grassy clumps and red soil. An aboriginal woman and her small child step down from the train together with a steward with their bags. I overhear their conversation at the door. SheContinue reading “Indian Pacific: 2 Dimensional Drift”

Indian Pacific: Plain Talking

The country outside Adelaide is initially greener than I imagined (no drifting sand dunes or camel trains yet.) However the ubiqitous red soil is there; and after some time you realize the landscape is impercetibly changing. The last distant low uplands slide away and the perspective is of a vast surrounding tabletop. Small scubby plantsContinue reading “Indian Pacific: Plain Talking”

Indian Pacific: Ice on the tracks

It’s a strange sensation to wake up in a train carriage, especially when you are on the outskirts of Broken Hill. The previous night the train was delayed because of ice on the tracks in the Blue Mountains, not the kind of delay you expect in Australia. The hills are grey and ghostly in theContinue reading “Indian Pacific: Ice on the tracks”

Indian Pacific: Red Kangaroo or Gold Kangaroo?

We are travelling out of the endless Sydney suburbs. Out in the West there seems to be little of the flash cosmopolitan city and more of the dusty cramped bungalows and industrial sprawl. We are checking it all from the “Red Kangaroo” cars with the seats, not the bunks (i.e. we are in the cheapContinue reading “Indian Pacific: Red Kangaroo or Gold Kangaroo?”

Indian Pacific: What is your favourite choice of weapon?

On Saturday 17 July, we embarked on our overland train trip from Sydney to Perth. The journey really begins at Circular Quay station, where Julie breaks her tooth on a candy bar. Luckily it doesn’t seem to cause too much pain but is not a good omen for our 63 hour transcontinental journey that isContinue reading “Indian Pacific: What is your favourite choice of weapon?”