Work ethic

So much for the big plan for a daily post on the blog. A tsunami of paid employment has swept through town lately, not that I’m complaining (much.)

I just wish I could even it out with those long months of dreary unemployment in my early twenties.

The last month my normally 3/4 fulltime job has become a 5/4 fulltime job. I’ve been putting together a anti-casualization campaign for the Maritime Union which has been good work for a good cause, but also busy as . . . so no time or energy for creative pursuits.

However light is on the horizon, and while I burn a pile of CDs in the background I’ve been wandering through some other blogs, including my favourite one so far Bob Mould – one of my favourite musicians who also turns out to be an excellent blogger.

Other news – John Guy Howell tells me he has nearly finished mixing my album of songs that I have been working on for years . . . (literally)

I’m considering doing an ‘online release’ only – that would be very C21 – but if I had the cash then I’d get it pressed.

Time to sleep now.





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