How low expectations mean Government’s can do what they like

It’s a constant surprise (and a disappointing one) how so many New Zealanders have such a low expectation of their collective future. The recent “Labour” Government budget was hailed as some kind of major breakthrough for “struggling Kiwis.”

How wrong can you be? After decades of right-wing, dishonest politicians saying one thing and doing another, it seems that any small offering of crumbs becomes a feast.

What New Zealand requires, like other countries, is a change of direction towards politics that works for the people, rather than for small elites and corporations.

Money needs to be spent on free education (tax funded), good public health, a hike in the minimum wage, housing, public ownership of major utilities such as power and telecommunications, secure jobs and ways of protecting the natural environment that sustains life on earth. Half measures won’t do it. Nor will waiting for things to improve in some distant future. The way things are going, there won’t be a future for anyone unless there is a new direction.

Here’s a link to an excellent short article by Alliance Party finance spokesperson Jim Flynn on the current situation in New Zealand in regards to our economic future.

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