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First offshore blog posting from Glebe Point Road, Sydney. Arrived last night and I suffered from minor acculturation difficulties (after dark large city rush hour arrival freakout syndrome) but quickly resolved by some kind words from a pair of locals on the bus.

Glebe is comfortable and upmarket/trendy. Similar to Ponsonby – Grey Lynn in Auckland but of course bigger and better. Revived with a cheap and excellent Thai meal.

Today a leisurely stroll through the Botanic Gardens down to Circular Quay and the ferry across the Manly. A visit to Shelly Beach on recommendation of Julie were we paddled feet and watched affluent retirees and mothers with pushchairs.

Impressions: some bridge/tower/harbour comparisons with Auckland, especially from the water. A sense of size. Surprisingly cool in the evening and early morning but warms quickly. Water colder than expected but it is midwinter.

A strange sensation of familiarity (language, vibe) mixed in with difference (climate, strange birds and plants, faster/bigger.)

Tomorrow depart Central Station on the Indian Pacific . . .





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